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Attorney Services


PACFile is a service that provides the option to file documents with the courts electronically on both new and existing cases. At this time, filings can be submitted to the Supreme, Superior, Commonwealth, and certain Common Pleas courts. Payment of any associated fees is also accepted at the time a filing is submitted and may be made with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or ATM card. Upon the completion and payment of a filing, it will be transmitted to the applicable court for processing. Registering for a secure user account is necessary in order to use this service.

Electronic Filing System in the Appellate Courts – Judicial Order

DA Link

The DA Link application is a secure web service which provides Pennsylvania's district attorneys the ability to construct criminal Informations online and submit them electronically to the Courts of Common Pleas. When the criminal Information is electronically accepted in CPCMS, offenses are updated, a docket entry is written to the case and the appropriate case events are added. A secure login is required to access this service.

Attorney Registration

If you have a secure account, log in to begin the registration process. Attorneys can also create an account.

This option allows attorneys to securely complete their Attorney Annual Registration and pay the annual fee online or create a voucher to submit payment by mail. Online payment may be made using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit/debit card for a nominal convenience fee of $2.75.

Attorney Registration Tutorial

Please note: A user account (login and password) is required to access secure services and applications within the UJS Portal. A single user account can have access to a single or multiple secure areas. There is no need to create separate user accounts to access each secure service or application within the UJS Portal.

Online registration for access to PACFile or the Attorney Registration application provides secure access to either application. PACFile access requires an additional appellate court provided access code. Additional secure services can be granted with approval by a District Court Administration or a county Clerk of Courts.