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Pay Bail Online

Not all counties and courts in Pennsylvania are accepting online bail payments at this time. Please click here for a list of participating counties and court offices. You may select the county link on the following page for a full list of docket types approved by county/court office for online payment of bail.

For a case to be returned in the search results it must meet the following criteria:

  • For Magisterial District courts, the case is a Criminal (CR), Traffic (TR), Non-Traffic (NT) or select Miscellaneous (MD) docket type with unpaid bail assessments.
  • For Common Pleas courts and Philadelphia Municipal court, the case is a Criminal (CR) or Miscellaneous (MD) docket type with unpaid bail assessments.
  • Additional Case Category restrictions may apply.

In addition to the restrictions regarding court participation and case eligibility, the following criteria will also prohibit a case or person from being eligible for online payment of bail:

  • The case is sealed or has otherwise been secured by the court.
  • The case has a redacted caption.
  • The case is pending expungement.

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